Acceptable Use Policy (Technology)

All Network Users
The Diocese of Orange Catholic Schools provides a network and an Internet
connection to:

  • support the Mission of the Catholic Church
  • promote educational excellence
  • promote resource sharing
  • promote innovative instruction
  • promote communication
  • prepare students to live and work in this century

Teachers, other members of the instructional staff, and administrators are
authorized to use the network and Internet connections for instruction,
professional development, training, research and communications related to
Students are authorized to use the network only for educational learning,
research and communication.
The Acceptable Use Policy covers all areas relating to technology including,
but not limited to, all hardware, software, data, communication lines and
devices, terminals, printers, disk drive devices, flash drives, tape drives,
firmware, servers, desktop and laptop computers, handheld media devices,
school Websites, the Internet as well as local and wide area networks. Use
of these devices during and after school must be (1) in support of education
and research, (2) for school business, (3) in support of the mission of the
Diocese of Orange Catholic Schools and St. Pius V Catholic School and (4) in
accordance with all state and federal regulations.
The informational technology system at each school facilitates the sharing of
information with local communities including parishes, parents, stakeholders,
students and the community at large. The technology system also provides
the capability to communicate globally especially for educational global
project based learning.
Access to St. Pius V Catholic School technology is a privilege not a right.
Violation of any of the provisions described in this document will result in
disciplinary action.

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